Sunday, February 15, 2009


Wow! I received an ward again"LOOK HOW COOL BLOG" ,& this time it's from my Filipino friend blogger Tess"My Simple thoughts N' creation"...her blog is so cool indeed , searching & linking personally some really fabulous freebies from digiscrapping blogs all over the world , thus deserves to be awarded...& I 'm so glad that this blog I'm working for almost 6 mos been nominated as COOL blog. .I thought at first I'm just performing on stage without an audience..hehehe ,it works!!!Thanks so much Tess,I truly appeciated it,I'll do my very best to keep it going with much,much freebies for every digiscrappers to enjoy....and as I got this award there are rules to follow:
1• Display the image of the stamp "Look How Cool Blog" you just won! •
2. Post the blog link you provided. •
3. Indicate your choice of 10 blogs. •
4. Let them know.•
5. Post the rules. •
6. Check if the blogs post the prize and followed the rules..
and now I'm passing this award to my nominees: